Road Trip! The Lake District…

Soarer 1jz – Road Trip! Soarer Modifications & How-To vlog Something a little different? Well I’ve not been working on the Toyota Soarer much – so here is me driving it! I need to work on my in car camera footage as my cam was really high on the screen so it looked really slow […]

*New vlog – Japfest Silverstone 2017

Soarer 1jz – Japfest Silverstone 2017 – Soarer Modifications & How-To vlog Nivs AKA Big Nivs and I attend a good few jap shows every year and this year we popped to Japfest with the JZMafia group. Silverstone is a great venue for the show and although you can get a little lost with the […]

* DOWNLOADS all up!

Since the changes to the blog (making it non profit making – design orientated) I’ve been working through all the old files and things I’ve done for the Provoke Designs project and I think I am now at a point where almost all items can now be downloaded… for FREE! So all you folks out […]

*New YouTube channel launch…

YouTube? Everyone is doing it I agree – however, to explain many of my ideas and processes and to show you more about my Soarer I decided it would be a good laugh.  As a creative person I love working on these things so if just one person, or lots of people watch it and […]